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Capitalize on an entirely new medium.

A new way to advertise.

howing your product in a flash video or themed static advertisement here will relate your product with the client who the therapist is writing about."

Advertising on LMN Builder is a completely new way to showcase products and experience brands. LMN Builder is the only way to get this level targeted access to clinicians and RTS professionals. While clinicians and RTS types work on their daily tasks and completing letters of medical necessity, they are able to experience your message in a manner that reflects what they are currently doing.

Our precision targeting is unmatched in any web or traditional medium. Say a therapist is working on a letter for similar piece equipment to one you offer. The letter is for a 3 year old child with a diagnosis that would benefit from your product. Showing your product in a flash video or themed static advertisement here will relate your product with the client the therapist is writing about. You can target by client diagnosis, age or weight. You can target by clinician type or location as well.

How you can advertise.

There are so many ways to use this new and exciting medium.

  • Product placement with completed justifications will ensure you stand out and help users understand the value of your product in a relevant context.
  • Launching a new product to all of the users on LMNBuilder.com with a package of video, photos, product placement and completed justifications is an unmatched opportunity to reach the entire country with one effort.
  • Custom, multi-channel advertising campaigns can be initiated or experienced on LMN Builder. Events and forums can be announced successfully on LMN Builder and with opportunity for RSS feeds or frequently updated content.
  • Surveys with your custom content can be conducted by LMN Builder. We are able to survey our entire client list or target a very specific demographic or geographic location. LMN Builder is a unique resource offering the ability to gain valuable information directly from your consumers and test new market ideas.

Start today!

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