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Clinician_sue_paul"A huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders since I started using the LMN builder. I no longer have to struggle for the right language and composition for justifying a wheelchair or power chair. It's an enormous help."

- Sue P.

"I have been a physical therapist for the past 12 years and have been writing letters of medical necessity for adults and children to obtain manual/power wheelchairs and various types of equipment during most of that time. I have found LMN Builder to be a huge asset to ensuring that all of the necessary documentation is included in the letter of medical necessity. I have been using LMN Builder on a regular basis and feel that it has saved me countless hours in letter writing. THANKS LMN BUILDER!!!"

- Jill S., DPT, Erie, PA

LMN Builder is always free for clinicians.

Clinician accounts are standalone, individual accounts. These accounts are not tied to any other clinician or RTS accounts. They will always be free.

LMNBuilder.com is a free web tool that helps you create letters of medical necessity (LMNs) in your own words. As you use the tool it remembers how you justify each item when you are writing LMNs. It works from any computer and is 100% HIPAA compliant. There are two ways you may choose to use this free web tool—either quickly build your own letters or even faster, work from a spec sheet that was generated for you by a Rehab Technology Supplier.

  • Free web tool for writing letters of medical necessity
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant
  • Browser-based access, log on from anywhere
  • No software to install, update or maintain
  • Remembers your justifications
  • Keeps all of your letters and clients in a searchable database
  • A clinician can complete a custom letter, in your own words, in less than 15 minutes!

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What a hassle!

Writing letters of medical necessity takes a great deal of time. Often times the letter has to be written completely from scratch and that can take hours. If you have created a similar letter in the past, you can copy / paste some of the parts of the letter but you still need to change all of the names and change "he" to "she" so that the gender pronouns match.

Build. Edit. Done.

The LMN Builder tool mimics the same process you use now to write LMNs except without the hassle. First it prompts you to enter the client information. Then you select the items you want to justify and write the clinical justification. After you edit everything on the final review page a completed LMN is quickly downloaded on to your computer with a fax cover sheet attached. Your letter is done quickly and easily!

It learns how you write letters.

The first time you use an item you will need to edit it into your own words. The tool will remember your words for the next time you justify that item. You can even write alternate justifications any way you want. Once the letter is finished, you simply download the document on your computer. It even has a fax cover sheet included!

The more you use the tool, the more it learns how you want things written. It gets faster and easier with each letter!

An easier way that saves time for you and the RTS!

Instead of faxing you the spec sheet, the RTS can build a spec sheet for you on LMNbuilder.com with all of the client information, insurance details, physician information and the items to be justified.

You will get a HIPAA compliant notice via e-mail that a spec sheet is waiting for you with a link to LMNBuilder.com.

Log in and the spec sheet will be waiting on your LMN Builder home page.

When you accept the spec sheet, the web tool takes the items and client info from the spec sheet. It uses your justifications to pre-load the letter of medical necessity with the client's information already inserted. This method saves time for both you and the RTS.

You can add the clinical justification and edit the letter to match your client's clinical situation in less than 15 minutes!

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