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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the website really free for clinicians?

Yes, LMN Builder is always free for clinicians. Clinician accounts are standalone, individual accounts and are not tied to any other clinician or RTS accounts. Clinician accounts will always be free.

What do RTSs have to pay?

RTS plans are fee-for-service with a free 30-day trial. Please contact us for pricing information.

Larger, multi-branch organizations will be upgraded with custom interfaces and require individual quotes.

Can I access LMN Builder from anywhere?

Yes. With a unique login and password, you and you can access the web tool and your data from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

How is LMNBuilder.com HIPAA-Compliant?

When you use our online services, minimal client identifiable information is required to use the web tool. To ensure your transaction remains confidential, the information is sent to us using an encrypted form in a "secure session" established with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Also you may omit the client's last names by choosing the additional HIPAA compliance option in your personal profile.

We also require the use of authentication, such as user ID and password, which allows us to verify your identity when you access our online services.

We use firewall technology to safeguard your information from outside access.

What web browsers are supported?

LMN Builder works the best with the latest modern web browsers.

Windows XP: Firefox, Chrome or Sarafi (Internet Explorer 8 is still compatible but not recommended, Internet Explorer 6 and 7 are no longer supported)
Windows Vista/7: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome or Sarafi
Mac OS: Firefox, Chrome or Sarafi
Linux/Other: Firefox or Chrome

If you work in a larger organization, please contact your technology or IT administrator to upgrade your computer.

How do you ensure my data is protected?

LMN Builder knows how important your data is so we have robust systems with backups to minimize the risk of lost data. All data is backed up on separate, secure servers.

Will I have my own database or is it shared with others?

Every user has their own private files which can only be accessed with a unique user name and password.

Can someone share my account?

No. HIPAA rules prevent you from sharing your account because the person you share with will have access to your entire client list.

How long is client data retained?

Client records are maintained for a minimum of five years similar to hard copy client records.

What if I delete something?

Once an item or client is deleted, it cannot be recovered, ever.

What happens to my information if I cancel my account?

Your client data will be retained for five years similar to hard copy client records.

Will insurance companies accept letter written on LMNBuilder.com?

The web tool mimics the same process that you are using today. The result is a custom letter in your own words. There is no reason the letters would not be accepted by a medical reviewer.

Who came up with the idea for this site?

The founder is a clinician, rehab technology supplier and parent of a child with a disability. The idea for the web tool came from his desire to make the process of getting equipment quicker and more efficiently by creating a tool that reduces the time spent on paperwork.

Can RTSs use LMN Builder?

The RTS has a role on LMN Builder which is only able to create and submit specification sheets (spec sheets). They cannot write letters.

Can the RTS see the letter that is created from the spec sheet?

No. The RTS cannot see or contribute to the letter in any way. The RTS is only sent a basic notification when the spec sheet is accepted and then again when the letter is completed.

Can I use LMN Builder for Medicare recipients?

Clinicians can write letters for all of their clients and use the tool as a way to generate letters, seating and mobility assessments and addendum for those assessments. As it is interpreted now, Medicare rules generally do not consider the letter of medical necessity as a part of the medical record except in some limited instances where it may be considered when it is formatted as an addendum to a clinical evaluation. RTS companies may choose to send spec sheets to the clinicians via the LMN Builder tool. The RTS should be careful to only send the specifications and avoid giving direction on how to justify the individual items. Further communication between the clinician and the RTS should be limited to sharing Medicare policy only for those recipients.

Do you offer tutorials on how to use the website?

Yes. We offer weekly webinars for both clinicians and RTSs. These webinars are about one hour long and provide a comprehensive demonstration for both roles.

Please click on the appropriate link below to view and register for a day and time that works best for your schedule:

Webinars are scheduled for a calendar month at a time. The next month's webinars are published 1-2 weeks before the new month begins.

Are manufacturer item justifications available?

Currently, we have item justifications for the following manufacturers:

  • The Comfort Company - Seat cushions, back cushions and other accessories
  • EasyStand (Altimate Medical, Inc.) - Standers and accessories
  • Innovation In Motion - Power wheelchairs, gait trainers, standers and positioning chair.
  • Invacare - Manual wheelchairs and accessories (power wheelchairs coming soon).
  • Ki Mobility - Ultra-lightweigh manual wheelchairs and accessories.
  • Magic Wheels - 2-Gear Manual Wheels.
  • Ride Designs - Custom molded backs and custom molded cushions.
  • Rifton - Standers, gait trainers, adaptive tricyles, positioning chairs and accessories.
  • SleepSafe - Adaptive beds and accessories.
  • VARILITE - Seat cushions and back cushions.
  • Bodypoint - Belts, straps, harnesses and more.
  • Raz Design - Rehab shower commode chairs and accessories.

We are working on developing and publishing item justifications for other major manufacturers.


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