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Brightree Acquires Conduit Technology, LLC
Acquisition allows Brightree to strengthen its MyForms solution so HME providers can improve their order intake processes, reduce claim denials, and improve audit outcomes.
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LMNBuilder.com is a free* web tool that helps you create letters of medical necessity (LMNs) in your own words. As you use the tool it remembers how you justify each item when you are writing LMNs. The more letters you write, the more the tool is able to tailor itself to you and learn the words you use to justify each item.

It works from any computer, there is nothing to download and is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Two Ways to Use LMN Builder

There are two ways you may choose to use this free web tool. You are able to build your own letters of medical necessity from start to finish or work from a spec sheet that was generated for you by a Rehab Technology Supplier (RTS).

An RTS can generate a spec sheet with the client information pre-loaded and send it to you on LMNBuilder.com. When you accept the spec sheet, the web tool takes the items and client info from the spec sheet and uses your justifications to generate a portion of the letter with the client information already inserted. This method saves time for both you and the RTS.

You can add the clinical justification and modify the letter to match your client's clinical situation in less than 15 minutes!

Special Notice

LMN Builder is not intended for the RTS to write the letter of medical necessity. The RTS can generate a spec sheet and work with the clinician to understand policy related to the justification and provision of medical equipment.

RTS Note features and clinician messaging are intended to provide a compliant communication tool that assists clinicians with the creation of medical record/medical necessity documentation.


  • Complete a custom letter of medical necessity, in your own words, in less than 15 minutes
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant
  • Free web tool

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I have been a physical therapist for the past 12 years and have been writing letters of medical necessity for adults and children to obtain manual/power wheelchairs and various types of equipment during most of that time. I have found LMN Builder to be a huge asset to ensuring that all of the necessary documentation is included in the letter of medical necessity. I have been using LMN Builder on a regular basis and feel that it has saved me countless hours in letter writing. THANKS LMN BUILDER!!!

Jill S., DPT - Erie, PA

Coming Soon!

  • Alternate downloadable letter formats
  • Spec sheet and letter templates
  • Expanded tools and tables
  • And much more!

New Features!

  • Seating and mobility evaluation
  • Client measurements
  • Previous equipment
  • Multi-user and multi-branch support under one account
  • Complete the letter narrative at your assessments with Client Quickstarts
  • Drag and drop list sorting
  • Alternate letter closing text
  • Alternate spec sheet comments
  • Searchable, user-created research and resource database
  • Addendum to clinical assessment
  • Spellcheck